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Amongst all of this, there have been many other things that were added. Some of them include improving the Korean and Arab war chains and the implementation of more accurate UN mandates. Decolonisation in Africa and abroad now also involves more than just granting independence: a nation so inclined may encourage minority rule in certain areas, or rely on a divide-and-rule strategy to the dismay of the newly-formed United Nations - either way, African nations will have to find their own approach to deal with ethnic tensions within their borders and endure nationalism from minority groups. The event chains for many nations have been completely rewritten, with a focus on fun and the possibility of historical divergence. The UI has been improved with a focus on usability, flavor has been added in countless minor events, flags, newspapers, and localisation, and, above all, care has been given to ensure that every playthrough differs from the rest.

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This field trip also connects to the 5th grade Torah unit, Parshat Yitro. This connects to our unit because Yitro and Moshe were protecting/helping the nation while the 4th and 5th grade were protecting/helping nature. The study of Yitro and learning how he and Moshe helped the people lead to us helping the nature and understanding how big of a deal it is to help the world.

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Cold End - Metropolitan JungleCold End - Metropolitan JungleCold End - Metropolitan JungleCold End - Metropolitan Jungle